“They are fantastic!”

~ Sheraton Desert Oasis, Scottsdale, AZ

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With Better USA showerheads, EVERYBODY WINS! You get a lavish, satisfying, powerful sensation of water flow while the saving water, energy, and time. Plus, the environment wins by reducing the impact on our natural resources. Beyond the beauty of this beautifully designed showerhead, there’s solid, quality engineering to endure the test of time and provide peace of mind.

“Great showerhead. These are better than most hotel shower heads I’ve experienced”

~ Engineering, Marriott Vacations

“I really like the shower heads, I’ve got one at home and it really is a nice product.”

~ Desert Oasis, Cathedral City

Saves Up to 50% Water

Enjoy guilt-free, luxurious showers with our water-saving shower head that lets you indulge while still being mindful of the planet.

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Super Easy Installation

Install our water-saving shower head in just 5 minutes with its standard USA thread, for a hassle-free and eco-friendly showering experience.

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Easy to Clean & Ultra Hygienic

Reduce the risk of Legionnaires Disease and keep your shower clean with our shower head's removable face for easy and efficient cleaning.

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Lower Power & Gas Bills

Our water-saving shower head can help you save money on your gas or electricity bill by using only 1.5 gallons per minute and reducing the amount of hot water needed to be reheated in your geyser.

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Luxurious Look & Feel

Enjoy a touch of luxury in your bathroom with our stylish and modern water-saving shower head, designed to provide a spa-like experience at home.

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